As the government and other stakeholders join hands to prevent the spread of Covid-19 among Rwandans, YDPD launched an online campaign through which messages reminding all Rwandans to fully observe and respect all Covid-19 measures put in place by the government will be shared in order to protect Rwandans but also to help businesses getting back to normal.

Throughout #DuhashyeCovid-19 Campaign which will be held online by the use of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, the youths of YDPD committed to play their role in spreading information and educating the community on how measures should be respected. By writing messages but also including Photos showing how these measures are to be well respected will be shared everyday.

The campaign is expected to take the length of one week and young people will be showing good examples to their peers who have been underplaying the severity of the pandemic thinking that their immunity system is stronger. The youth of YDPD will be challenging these kinds of narratives and behaviors of young people because it causes a danger to our community by helping the pandemic to easily spread and to take many lives but also exhausting health services.

YDPD understands the complexity of the situation which will be a message to be underlined throughout this campaign, people will be encouraged as well to support each other especially in such moments of lockdowns whereby some people in the community might fall short of food because of not keeping their work going. 

Following it’s Mission and it’s Principles whereby Hygiene promotion, nutrition, reproductive health  as well as  prevention of epidemic and pandemic diseases is included, YDPD is committed in contributing to whatever brings peace and development towards Rwandans. Read related articles