Families of children with disabilities supported during lockdown

Kigali – Gasabo

Kacyiru Sector

KG 550 St

Covid-19 is among the most challenges that the world is facing nowadays; this pandemic collapsed economies and paralyzed businesses and the working system whereby job losses is very high. Business and offices closures increase day by day because of the persisting measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Governments are trying to fight back by putting in place measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 but again very challenged by the situation of their population on the food security aspect especially in poor countries since the people can’t continue their business as usual. In Rwanda, the Government used all possible means to help the population but also encouraged the population and different organizations to support the citizens in their capacities.

Nowadays, solidarity is observed among the population, whereby people are sharing especially food to their neighbors so to escape from the lockdown situation. NGOs and faith based organizations are as well giving their hands to support the population. As Rwanda enters again in a lockdown whereby citizens fall short of food and hygiene suppliers, Youth Dialogue for Peace and Development through its commitment to contribute to the fight against pandemics, in partnership with AEGIS–TRUST Rwanda thought about families having children with disabilities who can’t afford to sustain themselves all along the lockdown. In respect to the preventive measures in place, on the 20th July,2021 both organizations supported eight families in Gasabo District, Gikomero Sector with food (such as; Rice, Beans, Maize floor, Soaps and Cooking Oil) to help them cope with the situation.

YDPD was represented by Dusabinema Emmanuel it Legal Representative and AEGIS-TRUST by Maurice Kwizera. The supported families appreciated the support provided and said that it is going to help them to respect the lockdown without fear of tomorrow. YDPD also thanked AEGIS-TRUST for not only its support but also to this kind of partnership in such hard times, YDPD finds such activities as a step towards restoring peace among families that sabotaged by the pandemic.