Wimusiga Ivu Program Phase i

Wimusiga Ivu is a program of Youth Dialogue for Peace and Development introduced in 2019 following increasing numbers of teenage pregnancy in all districts around the country. The program intends to first of all raise awareness in the community focusing on educating teenagers and young adults about their reproductive health and rights, therefore, to contribute in fighting against teenage pregnancy in Rwanda. This program, is also intended to bring about peace in the Rwandan community because it has been observed that many families fight over this problem. 

On November 2019, YDPD implemented the first phase of Wimusiga Ivu Program,  through a debate held at Kacyiru Primary school in the house of(KCKC) whereby youth between 12 -19 years old were gathered to debate on the topic “The official use of contraceptives among teenagers” if it is right or wrong.

The topic was prepared by YDPD based on an ongoing parliamentary law enactment about at which age contraceptives should officially be allowed and also a very high growing number of teenagers being impregnated every year  whereby from 2016 to 2019, around 70 thousand young girls were impregnated.

Participants involved also representations from Kacyiru sector(youth representative), the board member of YDPD and other invited honorarily members at YDPD.

The target was to hear from young people, what they think about the present problem and what could be the solution to it, during the debate, a lot of ideas were elaborated from young people and clearly showed the following things;

  • Lack of parental education (parents no longer have time for their children)
  • Lack of cultural values in young people
  • Lack of knowledge on sexual and reproductive health
  • Poverty that lead some of them to fall into sugar (daddy/mummy)’s traps
  • Men violates teenagers willingly since they know the consequences
  • Lack of reinforcement of punishment towards convicts
  • A present gap between the speed of technology and mechanisms of punishment

After noticing all the proposed solutions by teenagers, YDPD decided to expand dialogues on topics regarding teenage pregnancy to make young people informed about their sexual reproductive health and rights and to encourage them share with rest of other young ones in the community.