YDPD is a youth organization that seeks to built peace through ways of dialogues, trainings, and other social activities aiming at fostering development progress in the country. Founded in 2013 from an idea of some of the youths who participated in a training organized by AEIGIS-Trust on the role of young people in the development of the country. Currently, YDPD counts more than 50 registered members in the City of Kigali and surrounding areas. It partner with authorities at different sectors, and some times helped by governmental institutions based on specific planned activities or projects that falls in their mandates.

Since its inception, YDPD focuses on issues that enhances peace among the population such as unity and reconciliation of Rwandans, their perceptions & roles on socio-economic development and their welfare. YDPD also seeks to empower communities with necessary information, knowledge and skills through trainings, debates, dialogues, theatres and games, to enable theirĀ  full participation in peace building process and developmental activities. YDPD joins youths purposively to take part in activities to strengthen unity and reconciliation as the crux of peace in the country. It does activities of which it helps survivors of the Tutsi genocide of 1994.

Kigali – Gasabo

Kacyiru Sector

KG 550 St